Fluxus East

Fluxus Networks in Central Eastern Europe

Portable Intelligence Increase Museum.

Pop Art, Conceptual Art and Actionism in Hungary during the 60s – 1956-1976 / The Near-East-European Criss-Cross (1956-1989)

Collegium Hungaricum Berlin | Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 9 | 10178 Berlin | 26 Sept – 4 Nov 2007 | Mon to Fri 9 am – 8 pm, Sat and Sun 3 – 8 pm | free admission
Opening | Tue 25 Sept | 7 pm

“The PI²M contains more than 1100 works (music, film, poetry, prose, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, etc.) and documents by approximately 70 Hungarian artists'. These artworks – considered by the state as illegal art – formed the local 60s. The NEAR-EAST-EUROPEAN CRISS-CROSS is a quick cross sectional view of the unofficial and semi official art-relations between some socialist countries.” Tamás St. Auby, Superintendent of IPUT (the International Parallel Union Of Telecommunications) and Agent of NETRAF (Neo-Socialist. Realist. IPUT's Global Counter-Arthist.ory-​Falsifiers Front) for the PI²M and the CRISS-CROSS. Tamás Török, curator of the CRISS-CROSS.

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